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Sukkary Dates

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Sukkary dates

The Sukkary date is soft and sweet with an extra soft moist texture. Gold in color and very soft with a sweet taste of caramel. The Sukkary date literally melts in your mouth!

The Sukkari variety of the date is soft and sweet, with an extra soft moist texture. Golden and very soft with a sweet taste of caramel, just melt in your mouth! The perfect alternative to sweet treats.

They are large and oval in shape and indeed the most valuable in the date market due to the taste and freshness, also known as the queen of dates. This is the variety that is often consumed with traditional Arabic coffee. Full of nutrients, such as 70% of each date consisting of natural energy-rich sugars and 30% including folic acid, protein, copper, iron, potassium and heart healthy fibers. This variety of dates is best preserved and consumed directly from the freezer or refrigerator. They are naturally healthy and a natural energy source.