Deluxe Date paste 5 kg


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Due to the presence of iron, magnesium, vitamins, folic acid and other essential nutrients, this date paste has proven to be effective in preventing some diseases. Our date paste is also ideal as an ingredient for pastry products such as cakes, biscuits and other delicacies.

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  • 5 KG
  • Premium quality
  • 100 % fresh & natural
  • No preservatives & additives
  • No added Sugar
  • Keep in a cool place
  • Shelf life minimum 12 months
  • Origin: Saudi Arabia

Date paste is one of the most popular ingredients to add natural sweetness , fruit flavour and some nutritional value  to your products as well as the many additional health benefits.
Our premium quality dates have the stones removed and are minced into a paste ready for processing.
We use the varieties Khodari and Sukkari dates in our date paste.

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Weight 5 kg


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