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Who are we?

We are Tomoor. A young, dynamic company very keen on dates. Why is this? First of all, because they are delicious of course! Besides, they are also healthy and a good alternative to snacks with sugar. The fun thing about dates is that they are available in many different flavours and varieties, such as honey and caramel. In addition to dried dates, also offer date pasta, date syrup, date powder sugar and liquid fructose sugar at Tomoor, to sweeten each dish in a natural way. Curious? Discover where our enthusiasm comes from and try one of our dried dates or date products.

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Sukkary Rutab


the very best quality

We are really passionate about dates and only sell the highest quality in our online store. Our employees in Saudi Arabia always sort dates based on size, texture condition and moisture content. We truly guarantee that you will receive the finest and freshest dates.


Dates, a real superfood

Did you know that dates are very healthy and are classified as superfood? They contain a huge amount of minerals that help strengthen bones and ward off diseases such as osteoporosis. A date is also a source of fiber and vitamins that help with constipation, diarrhea and intestinal complaints.
It looks like magic! Add three dates per day to your diet and experience the positive effects.


The Very Best Quality

At Tomoor we are passionate about dates, and so we offer you only the best of the best. We produce our dates on the fertile and unique palm oases in Saudi Arabia. In this Oriental paradise for dates, our employees sort the dates according to their size, texture condition and moisture content. Thus we offer dates of the highest quality; Always fresh and refined.

Dates in your restaurant or assortment

Are you a dealer and want to sell our products? Or are you active in the catering business and would you like to work with high-quality products? Flavours that your guests will appreciate for the full 100% and surprise them? At Tomoor we deliver our particularly tasty dates mainly to wholesalers and retailers. Would you like to offer our dates in a specific package or quantity? Thanks to our state of the art factory in Saudi Arabia we can provide numerous packaging possibilities such as private label projects. Communicate your wishes to us, and we try to achieve them; In addition to quality, we have a high focus on flexibility and a solution-oriented approach. Tomoor is the specialist in dates and always develops new products and packaging.

A fruit with a story

A date is not just a fruit. It is a fruit with a story of no less than thousands of years old. In some cultures, dates are seen as a symbol of hospitality, while in other cultures the fruit is consumed as a protection against evil. Delicious fruit with a rich history, this makes a date even more special.

More info on dates

Would you like to offer our products in your restaurant or add them to your range, so that customers can become just as enthusiastic? Please do not hesitate to contact us. As a date specialist, we will inform you with passion for this versatile product.


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