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Dates are seasonal fruits (but available all year round). To store them for a longer time, you must first determine how long you want to store them. If you want to keep dates longer than six months, then freezing (-18 C) is the best option. If you plan to consume them within six months, put them in the refrigerator. If you are like us and eat the dates immediately the moment you get them, we recommend an airtight box. Dates can be stored perfectly up to 45 days at room temperature, without refrigeration or freezer.

The origin of the word date goes back to the Greek word Daktylos, which originally means finger. Because of the similarities in size and shape.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran but Saudi Arabia cultivates a larger variety of dates.

Dates contain a lot of nutritional value (vitamins, minerals and fibres). And due to the natural sugars, they are also an ideal healthy snack.

The date palm originates in Mesopotamia and along the Nile in Egypt.  They are available in various varieties.

At most ethnic supermarkets in the Belgian big cities and online on our webshop. If you still don’t succeed contact us, we will help you.

Date studies and date extracts can prevent diabetes, according to various studies. People do not yet know exactly how dates work, but there is a good chance that dates stimulate the pancreas to transfer more insulin. Insulin ensures that the blood sugar level does not show too many peaks and troughs. In addition, there are fiber in dates. Fiber keeps the sugar in dates longer during digestion, so that the sugars end up in the blood more evenly. This ensures that blood sugar levels run more smoothly. In addition, the antioxidant effect of the date can prevent the worsening of diabetes. Research also shows that the eating weight of diabetics with obesity can be reduced by eating dates.