Who are we?

Our company, M1 Distribution, has registered with Tomoor a brand to introduce and promote high-quality Saudi dates, on existing and new international markets. To achieve this, we co-operate with a leading large Saudi company: Tomoor Al Sharq, itself a producer, processor and exporter of dates.

With an establishment in the largest oasis of date palms on earth Al AHSAA in the east of Saudi Arabia, our main goal is to promote the social-cultural and commercial value of the Saudi dates around the world.

In Al AHSAA we have a state of the art production unit led by qualified personnel with a complete testing and packaging system that uses the latest technologies.We strive to maintain the highest local and international quality standards. Tomoor Al Sharq is ISO22000, ISO 9001 and IFS certified, as well as accredited by (SASO) the highest Saudi quality brand.

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