Tholen – Date trader Tomoor started April 1 this year this year the import of dates from Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, demand has grown and the owner has opened a warehouse on the wholesale market in Antwerp. “We chose this because of the central location, the port and the stable business climate,” says owner Mustapha Chihabi.

The warehouse is 90 square meters. “We supply seven different organic dates, so organic is really our specialty. The trade is going well and the dates are available year-round. We already sell to more than 40 stores mainly in the ethnic market and a few wholesalers but are still looking more distributors at home and abroad. ”

Substitute for sugar snacks

Health is very important and the trader indicates that increasing attention will hopefully lead to more purchases of dates. “We want to prove that dates are a healthy substitute for sugar snacks. In addition, we will work on the brand awareness of the Tomoor brand in the coming years by participating in various fairs.” Earlier this year, he said that with these dates they would compete with the Medjouldadels.

For more information:
Mustapha Chihabi
GSM: 0032-488 858585
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Publication date: 11-9-2017