Tholen – Saudi dates are mainly known in their own country, but that will soon change. “We started at the beginning of April with the import of dates from Saudi Arabia. With this we want to compete with the Medjoul date. These grow in the area of the Al-Asha oasis in the east of Saudi Arabia with millions of palm trees. Due to the good climatic conditions, the taste of the dates that grow there is delicious, “says Mustapha Chihabi from the Belgian company Tomoor and M1 Distrubution. “There is huge consumption there in the country itself, so they have never thought of export.”

Sweets from nature
In Saudi Arabia the dates are harvested in October. “These are then immediately stored in the freezer. For each order they are removed, washed and packaged. That way the dates are available year-round.” In the country there are more than 350 varieties of dates. “We have selected the seven tastiest ones and will make them known in the European market. The differences are in sweetness, texture, color and taste. All varieties are organic. We will market the products under the Tomoor brand. Currently they are still in 500 gram containers, but we are also going to offer smaller packages. Most Europeans are not yet ready for such a large volume in one go. ”

Popularity is growing

Mustapha notices how quickly the popularity of dates is increasing. “More and more people know the date because of the increasing attention to health benefits and consumption increases every year. There is enormous potential. The Saudi date is a healthy substitute for sugar, or sweets from nature.” He expects the ethnic target group to welcome this new date with cheers. “They are familiar with dates, but not yet with those from Saudi Arabia. This country has extra respect from the Muslim community, so this gives this date a head start in the market.”

Tomoor is looking for several distributors in Europe. “We receive the containers in Antwerp and from there we can distribute them further. The prices are lower than dates from other countries. This way we can introduce them to a large target group. There will also be a webshop for the dates, where everyone can easily order Saudi dates online. ”

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Publication date: 1-5-2017
Author: Gertrude Snoei